I’m so excited about the latest venture I participated in and more excited to share it with you! I’ve collaborated with 17 other women, led by Pegine Echevarria, on a book named, “Called to Lead: Success Strategies for Women”, is amazing, informative, and a truly collaborative effort. I know women will love the book.

We are preparing for my PRE-Launch of the new book now!.

“Called to Lead: Success Strategies for Women” is being offered to CADRE participants for ONE WEEK ONLY at a reduced price of $15 (retail $21.95).  For orders of 10 or more the price is $12 per book for this week only. 

The book is “Called to Lead: Strategies for Success for Women” and addresses:

♀ Your calling to lead.

♀ The developmental skills needed to thrive

♀ Tools for the mind shift needed to succeed as a leader.

♀ Strategies to have it all from thrivers who did it all

♀ How to leverage your influence to make changes in the world

♀ Tips to investing in your natural leadership calling so that

♀ You can manage more complex issues

Called to Lead: Success Strategies for Women

Filled with the perspective of diverse women in leadership. Eighteen Global Thought Leaders share their insights and wisdom.

Each chapter has:

Her Passion and Story ✦ Each author has a different leadership journey and passion. Diversity is key to learning and each leader’s story is unique. Knowing a person’s power enables you to grow your own power.

Her Quote ✦ A quote the author created for herself. She lives by her quote; it has meaning to her leadership and life.

Advice-Her ✦ As your advisor, she shares her advice for your journey as a leader.

Action Steps for Her ✦ Steps you can take in the next 24 hours to one week that can make a difference in your life and leadership.

Called to Lead has five segments, with several chapters in each segment:

✦ The Power of Being Called to Lead

✦ The Power of Self Mastery in Leadership

✦ The Power of Influential Leadership

✦ The Power of Emotions and The Mind in Leadership

✦ The Power of Leadership Love

Spread the word and know that programs are available for the women in your company, department or team. Ladies, get ready!