Planning one step at a time may sound obvious, but to many organizations appointing someone to steer their team, facilitate a brainstorming session or identify objectives and goals is the missing piece that causes critical mis-communications and affects productivity.

We use a six-step process to identify, assist and guide you on how to increase your Return on Experience, Return on Event. This process will help you to combine all the components of your specific needs to create opportunities for strategic partners and stakeholders. Ultimately, you need to tell a story and create lasting impact to evoke emotional responses through creative strategy, ideation and implementation.

Check the points below to answer why you are planning any type of experience:

  • To help increase attendee engagement,
  • To identify opportunities for increased sponsor awareness
  • To support brand awareness that encourages and influences customer loyalty and sales
  • Other

To accomplish any of the above, the following are credos that Dianne follows when working with customers:

  • Develop an open relationship and keeping communications flowing during the pre, on-site and post event stage.
  • Design an experience that meets and surpasses the core objective and vision while being realistic to budget parameters.
  • Work with an experienced, dependable team to minimize risk.
  • Create a true sensory experience that is focused on the attendees and demographics.

I delve into your situation until I discover trigger words that are personal to your situation and the story you need to tell, the messaging you need to convey. The key objective is to engage and convert customers, clients, event attendees into participants who are stimulated to be more receptive to information and collaboration.

See for yourself.

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“Dianne, you make an impact today—a huge difference in every life in the room.  You poured out transformational reminders about the many senses that impact our lives physically, emotionally and every other sensory way.”

Sr. Director, Regional Enterprise Sales

“Thank you for your strong leadership and support of the Vietnam War Commemoration…and Proclamation Ceremony at The Wall. I am hopeful that you and your staff continue your engagement in our efforts.”

General Claude Kicklighter
Department of Defense Office of Communications