Learn creative thinking for business results at the ColorUP! Event Academy


Attend the ColorUP! Experiential Workshop to learn how combining business theory with creative process will yield positive results.

In this half-day session, we’ll focus on applying the creative process in our strategic thinking. We’ll draw upon the elements of sensory communication, and learn to apply creative solutions to meetings and events.

Designing a safe and secure environment that encourages Permission to Play™ is the planner’s responsibility.  Like theater, the message and the story are woven together, building on plots and subplots to engage the viewer’s rapt attention. In meetings, the same pattern follows with engagement, with the participants themselves as the actors, and with the whole focused on business results and maximizing the return on events.

Join us at curtain up for ColorUP! And let the show begin!

Learner Outcomes: 

  • Learn a 6-step process from Vision to Execution and how to plan creatively.
  • Understand the role of the five senses in planning.
  • Learn how design elements can assist with theme graphics, message and the visual dynamics.
  • Integrate the correlation of Advertising and Public Relations into your Meetings and Events.
  • Take away ten creative tips to instantly apply to your meetings and events.
  • Engage throughout the workshop in interactive exercises and team work on a storyboard.

“You Paint What You Know is There, Not What You See”—Gertrude Stein

ColorUP! is an experiential workshop that focuses on using the creative process to maximize measurable business resultsAND MORE. The Workshop is the nucleus of a new communitya community of creative-minded planners and thinkers. 

The evolution of the meetings and events industry includes a laser-focus on design, branding and marketing communications that raise the bar on attendee experience and deliver on the objectives of multiple stakeholders and sponsors. ColorUP! dissects the pre, on-site, post segments of any experience with the comparison to Theatrical Thinking™ and how audiences are changed by an engaging performance.

It is engaging, informative and stimulating! Throughout the program, there are interactive and participatory driven exercises for senior level planners. The program applies scalable techniques of creative direction to your program development process that can be used to elevate attendee experience, creatively activate sponsors, resourcefully showcase venues, hotels and destinations and increase your professional profile.

The accredited program is recognized by the EIC (Event Industry Council) toward clock hours in meeting and event design as well as ILEA approved.

The program was designed to educate professionals in the experience space. A sample of the program follows and what you will learn:

Business Strategy

  • Business terminology and how to define and communicate the why and what of the event
  • Marketing and the role of events and how themes guide strategic results

Engineering the Site Effectively

  • How different kinds of venues impact meeting flow and Kinetic Engineering™ of the experience
  • How to transform a venue from a blank canvas to an integral part of the program design

The Senses and the Role in Creative

  • Sensory facts and their relation to planning and people
  • How to maximize awareness of 7-10 touch points for emotional impact

Visual Dynamics™

  • Creative elements and how, when and where to apply them
  • Visit the various choices that exist
  • Understand where inspiration comes from

Telling the Story through Messaging and Branding

  • Participate in team work to translate a message into a branded experience
  • Use theatrical thinking to plot and stage your next event


“Thank you for the inspiring workshop. This woke up the creative side of my brain and gave me several ideas on how to incorporate concepts throughout all aspects of events. Loved it!”

Director of Meetings and Events
California Chamber of Commerce

“I attended your Workshop session and learned so much more than expected—and had fun working in teams. Your approach is interesting, engaging and experiential and I know…that no one gives meeting planners the hands-on experience (and permission) to be creative and innovative.”

The Idea Hunter