“Dianne has a speaking style that instantly connects with the audience. She has a great energy and obvious passion that conveys even to a jaded New York crowd…she shared her wonderful insights on the five senses and how they relate to designing events. We drew a record crowd not only because of the content, but in large part due to Dianne’s reputation for her cutting edge ideas and innovative thinking.”

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Hilton Waikoloa

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Keynote: "YOU – IN LIVING COLOR!" (to be released Fall 2019)

In this inspirational, engaging and experiential keynote, Dianne presents her life as a director and designer and how the creative experience is the basis for the “color” in our own lives. Taking a closer look at our senses, and developing a more acute awareness for how they work, the audience will be up, down, and involved—seeing, feeling, touching. Don’t sit down for too long as Dianne’s innovative approach, to engaging and inspiring audiences, will help us realize that practicing how to fully be real people is vital to our empathy and intelligence, that too much attention-consuming technology dulls our senses and that we can have a better relationship to it, and how the language of color communicates. We need to see beyond our perceptual filters—see each other’s true colors to become our best selves. Dianne, born with an intense red vascular hemangioma on her left cheek, had a distorted face throughout her childhood and into adulthood. But her passion for life and her innate creative drive always helped her to visually see possibilities and pursue them, an evolving personal yet universal story to which everyone can instantly connect and find insights.


In today’s business climate, much of planning is reactive; time contraints prevent giving real thought. Everything is last minute or, worst, last second. You’re expected to think on your feet and churn out creative solutions at the drop of a hat.

Is fear too familiar when you’re charged to think of creative solutions? How many times have you heard of accidents that result in dynamic solutions? You’ll be able to get your head out of the sand and employ these tools when any challenge comes up.  Dianne will share proven creative thinking strategies and tools to open the way to quick thinking and action.  Make the workday more productive, and the events of your life more creative and enjoyable.  You will hear the story of the Purple Suit and the Blue Mike and how these changed my life—and will change yours.

In this interactive session, we will explore some brainstorming and mind mapping exercises and discover how there are always answers, always new perspectives on how to do things differently.

When you think and do things differently, you have different results. You will learn to:

  • Identify trigger areas that affect the thinking process.
  • Use brainstorming and mind-mapping.
  • Change your attitude when confronted with an obstacle.
  • Overcome challenges through the 4-pillar business management tool.

How do our senses affect business productivity, brand recall and the personal choices that we all make?

In this informative and experiential session, focused on the senses and their role in the events of our lives, participants will be invited to learn, share and heighten their awareness of the impact of strategically designed and deliberately chosen elements and how they create the theater of live experiences. Using business-oriented examples—ranging from Frito-Lay to BMW—the sound of snap, crackle and pop will bring back memories while enhancing awareness of the language of the senses that’s always speaking to us.

Key points include

  • Understanding the role of the 5 senses as well as the 25 additional senses and over 30 sensibilities we all possess.
  • How over 85% of communication is non-verbal and how the meeting impacts that impression.
  • Strategic planning and use of timing, placement, agenda format, meeting and event enhancers, production, and design components.
  • Participate in sensory exercises to awaken us to the importance of tactile experiences.

If you don’t live in your body, where will you live?   

As a trained Prana Yogi, Dianne shares her interpretation of yoga and everyday life. Experiencing her own journey through stressful situations with finance, family and health, Dianne depends on her spiritual strength, her yoga training and her faith to keep her health and vision positive.

Would you like to learn ways to manage your reaction to daily stress? It’s obvious that stress hurts productivity and costs companies money, but we need to recognize our ability to handle it. What is the concept of dis-ease and its origin? Do you want to understand how breath can give you energy as well as unwind your racing mind? Do you know what happens to your brain every 20 minutes? 

People carry every single emotional response within their physical bodies; each eventually poke its head out as if to say, Pay attention to me.  This unique wellness program offers tips and tools to increase and sustain your energy, relax your mind and develop a sense of comprehensive wellbeing so that we can at our healthiest best.

BYOB as the only requirement is that you can breathe—with or without oxygen help. 

Learner Outcomes:

  • De-mystify the yoga concept and understand the medical meaning of breath and the physical postures.
  • Learn a minimum of 10 yoga tips to take anywhere as your own personal pick-me-up.
  • Understand how posture can help you maximize your power, energy and emotional strength.
  • Develop an awareness of the 5 types of health and how they affect one another.
  • Comprehend how yoga and breath increase retention and attention.

Deliberate Creativity: 25 Creative Ideas to Maximize …  Attendee Engagement, Sponsor Involvement, Customer Experience o to Use Anywhere You Choose!

This session is not just about creative ideas, but how to create ideas based on your specific vision.  Creative inspiration  guaranteed.

Brain Power: Meeting of the Minds OR How your Brain works in Meetings

Dr. Roger Sperry, 1980 Nobel Prize recipient for brain research, demonstrated that 90% of the energy of the brain is used in relating the physical body to gravity.  Only 10% has to do with thinking, metabolism and healing so when you have forward head posture, your brain will rob energy from your thinking, metabolism, and immune function to deal with abnormal gravity/posture relationships and processing.

In this interesting presentation, Dianne shares the work of Dr. Cynthia Ackrill and correlates the processes of the brain from a meeting attendee’s perspective.  What do your attendees think when they arrive?  What are they processing during a panel discussion?   Facts and illustrations of the brain, and how choosing creative insights and making different choices affect behaviour, are presented in an understandable and relatable format.