Speaker Bio: Maggie Glasser

Founder and Owner,
Maggies Glasser Enterprises

Website: https://www.maggieglasserenterprises.com/


Maggie is the founder and owner of Maggie Glasser Enterprises, a boutique consulting business that specializes in the event and hospitality industries. As a full-time consultant, Maggie provides authentic, thoughtful insights to inspire positive change in business. She is committed to helping her clients drive potential into profitability through the development and implementation of strategic sales initiatives and leadership programs. Maggie works with millennials and emerging leaders to refine their professional skills and strategies in order to advance in their roles and prepare to become the next generation of business leaders.

As an event professional, Maggie has over a decade of experience and a wealth of knowledge in event marketing, event production, décor and technical design. She served as an event producer for leading event design and production companies in Las Vegas and Chicago. In 2019, she was the recipient of Lasso’s Top 10 Women in Event Production Award for her expert project management skills that drove the flawless execution of large-scale corporate and social events.