Speaker Bio: Elaine Papas

Licensed Psychologist,
HR Manager
and FINRA-certified Arbitrator

Elaine Papas delivers creative and effective business solutions to a wide range of domestic and international businesses through a practice that makes use of her unique background. From advising clients on the launch of multi-million-dollar resort projects in the Middle East to helping corporations create and maintain compliance and code of conduct programs, Elaine provides clear, calm, timely, and wise counsel to executives facing major decisions. Her experience in psychology and human resources enables her to become a trusted “third ear” for leaders in any high-stress situation. In other words, Elaine is a Legal and Business Counselor in the truest sense of the word.

Elaine has been a New Yorker since September 10, 2001. A native of Chicago, Elaine moved from south Florida to establish her Manhattan legal practice the day before the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. It did not deter her from staying in the city to enjoy an extraordinary career that has ranged from running a successful international business to becoming a licensed psychologist as well as an attorney, human resources manager, and FINRA-certified arbitrator.

Elaine is a tough-minded fighter who survived and triumphed despite a horrific kidnapping ordeal in Miami. Her determination to win has led to outstanding academic and business accomplishments in spite of adversity. Real life experience matched with a strong blend of credentials (list) make Elaine well-suited to address complex legal and business challenges. She, protects client interests with strength and true empathy, striving for concrete results while being sensitive to intangibles (such as conflict related stress) that she also factors into her representation.