It takes plenty of practice to bring awareness to your brain and to allow the flow of creative ideas. In the same way you head to the gym or take a yoga class to increase your physical strength, it takes work to improve your creative confidence. We are all creative beings, and each of us expresses ourselves differently. Your creative workout is just as important as your physical workout, and like a physical workout, it may be different for everyone.

Here are a few ways to stimulate those right brain neurons and spark your creativity:

1. Start your morning with a ten-minute meditation. Focus on inhaling for four counts and exhaling for eight counts. Relaxation encourages free thoughts.

2. If you work at home, take a walk in the middle of the day, varying your route each day. Look up and make a note of all that you see: the details, the flowers blooming, a new street sign, construction. The fresh air, physical activity, and change of scenery will increase blood flow and fill your mind with new ideas.

3. If you commute, stimulate and surprise your thoughts by driving an alternate route or listening to different audio each day. Audiobooks are a fantastic source of inspiration. Mixing up your music will fire up your neurons and increase your creativity.

4. Doodle. Use a favorite pen or pencil that moves easily on paper and make whatever you like! Forget what you were told in school: doodling is a healthy habit that enforces concentration. Our brains shift every 20 minutes from right to left dominant thinking. Hence, the phrase “writers block” is real. Be aware of your breath as your thoughts mirror your pen, shifting from analytical to free form.

5. An afternoon working at a desk can sometimes feel like a vortex. Give yourself permission to get up and move. Movement stimulates blood flow and keeps your thoughts freely flowing.

6. Carry a notebook, so you are prepared whenever creativity strikes.

7. We live in an Instagram society, so feel free to take photos. However, remember that your eyes are your best camera. Sometimes we lose an irreplaceable moment in time while focusing on a lens.

8. Visit museums, and immerse yourself in all types of art. The best way to visit a museum is to focus on one piece. Absorb it, make it your muse, and walk away with insights and your own vision. Visiting an entire gallery in a few short hours will not allow you to contemplate and absorb the creativity in the same way.  

9. Find inspiration in all types of design: fashion, architecture, linens, even automobiles! All ideas and patterns reflect the design of their time.

10. Be yourself. Each one of us is a different design, made for a unique reason. Like flowers in a garden, we grow together, but each one has its own beauty and purpose.

Creativity is a heightened state of awareness that allows to see things differently. However, you must be certain that you are seeing and understanding the entire situation before offering solutions.

Once you have followed these 10 steps, let your inner creativity flow!

Dianne Devitt