The science of body language is clear: experts know that how you sit, stand and gesture tells others what you are feeling. But did it ever occur to you that how you sit, stand, and gesture might also affect how productive you are at work?

Loosen UP! The next time you are struggling for a creative thought, take inventory of your body.  When your body is tight, your mind and the flow of thoughts is likely tight as well. From a physical viewpoint, when your body is contracted from fear or anticipation, there is a reduction of blood flow and oxygen. When this occurs, your brain does not get the food it needs to function and therefore your thought processes are affected. Your ability to think freely in a non-judgmental way is impeded. So, what can you do? You can loosen up so that the wiring in your brain loosens up too and the flow of energy increases. 

As a creative thinker, how are you sitting? Standing? Are your shoulders so tight they are touching your ears? Are you breathing deeply, or even significantly? Is your jaw clenched? Is your mouth relaxed?  Are you making a fist? Twitching? If so, follow the rules of Arthur Joseph, creator of Vocal Awareness, and relax your tongue, teeth, and jaw. Just try it! You’ll be surprised how your entire mouth feels different and your head feels lighter. 

The next time you are at a loss for an idea, get up, shake it out, and reach out. Keep your body in check and your thoughts will be strong. Once you start taking control of your body’s tensions, who knows what ideas will flow!

Dianne Devitt