Holy Shift!

For many of us, working from home has been integrated into our work life for many years but for most of us the shift happened suddenly and we found a corner, table, room or space to work from adjusting to family life around us, trying to be productive.      

Please join us on Tuesday, May 5, while we present “Home Office Strategies:  Optimize Your Personal and Business Performance” from 12 noon to 3:30PM ET. (link)    During this transition, you have an obligation to yourself to understand your own personal and professional needs to function at your best to manage and keep up with the amount of information overloading our brains daily. 

Corey Anker, Certified Life Coach, will share some tips on how to propel our performance from the inside out.    Working at home has its advantages, but there is a distinction from working at home and being at home working.     

Creating an environment that has balance supports working and productivity.   Designing the space, setting up technology efficiently, and being sensitive to your physical and ergonomic needs is critical for your health and well-being.    Our experts, Jeffrey Simon, Architect and Debra Duneier, Architect and Feng Shui expert will share valuable tips and information on how to increase our awareness and maximize your physical space. Sit up straight will have a new meaning after expert Karen Lunda shares her perspective on ergonomics.   

We have become overnight media personalities and clearly need tips and advice to cultivate an impactful impression.  Sabrina Shore will help us navigate this new reality to build a successful digital identity.  Staying calm while the pressure is on is Dr. Sharon Melnick’s secret – you will learn a simple technique that will change your life – guaranteed.   

And, above all, we can’t be on line in the wild frontier without knowing how – without understanding best internet practices at home and how to protect them.    

THERE is a host of information here – available on demand for the week that follows to all who participate. 

Office Yoga – YES!   A very special closure to our conference will be experiencing an Office Yoga session with the man who wrote the book, Darrin Zeer.  

 Looking forward to seeing you there – at the desk, or on your mat.