The story of  your life – who your parents are, where you were born, the people who surround you, your shape, build, color, personality, perception, understanding, style, character, talents, abilities, sensory development, insight, and so much more – are unique only to you. The only one of you. 

How you think creatively is unique to you. It takes courage to trust your inner voice, especially when seeing something others don’t see, and to speak out with what you see. It doesn’t make you the ‘black swan’ or outcast. Rather, this spark sets you apart as a discoverer, an adventurer, someone who allows themselves to look at things differently. We are each a page in the story of the universe for one another to learn from, to grow from, to be inspired by. How your page will be written and told is being formatted right now, as you read this. If you were reading your own page, what would it say about your story?

Dianne Devitt