Did you ever find that when you wanted an answer, it just didn’t come?

Me, too.

The word “creativity” comes from the 14th Century Latin word “creare,”  which means “to make happen.” It doesn’t say, “make happen on Dianne’s time,” it simply says, “to make happen.”  After all, who am I to demand that things happen when I’m ready? Like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, we can choose to run around feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, and unaccomplished. Or we can accept that a bigger force may very well be in place to “make things happen” for us. 

Creativity is the stuff we are made of and made from. Think about it. Everything and everyone has been created. This force, this energy, and this Higher Power wants to create to keep itself alive – and to keep all of us alive. 

I recently moved to the Chicago area from New York/New Jersey, into a suburb, and into a house that I’m redecorating to put my mark on. Anyone who is trying to do things on their time with renovations will soon learn that a simple shade takes 5 – 7 weeks so get the sheets out and start hanging! I thrive on feeling a sense of accomplishment and yet I have had to tell myself, constantly, that it is okay that things don’t get done. It’s okay that my creative process isn’t working as quickly as I would like – and moreso, it’s important to enjoy myself in the process. My partner, Michael, put it succinctly: get things to a stable place, a place that gives balance and peace, and then build from there.

This same concept is for business practices. We make plans, we expedite them, and we remain flexible with all the changes because the changes are the universe’s way of guiding us to what will be. One of the key lessons being creative taught me in a time of change is temperance.  Being patient and knowing that my vision, my plans, and my goals will happen when they are to happen, is a wonderful feeling. The acceptance of believing this and living in contentment is one we have to remind ourselves of daily. Life is not a race unless you are running from yourself.   

Be patient;  accept. And never stop creating