Last November, I launched a mastermind group called The Creative Circle Forum for women in hospitality, meetings, events, exhibits, and all aspects of marketing. This stemmed from the idea that women in our industries could benefit a trusted community where each member contributes, learns, and grows, both personally and professionally. We meet through weekly meetings, talk through meaningful issues, relevant readings, and inspiring educational tools. But most of all, we develop and build resources that we share, all uniquely catered to each individual involved. And in tandem with that, we all benefit from each other’s milestone achievements and accomplishments, making the group stronger and even more extraordinary. I thought I’d share one of the exercises the group is doing with you because sometimes, it can feel like we aren’t accomplishing anything. But, when we take a minute to recognize what we accomplish each day, a mind shift occurs. We feel empowered and in control of ourselves versus. being lost in thought of what to do next or where to go.

Starting today, I challenge you to keep a 90/90 list.  Make a commitment that for 90 days you will write down one thing that you accomplished each day. If walking the dog or going food shopping was the biggest accomplishment, list it.  Don’t overthink of what to list, just list one thing you did. And after those 90 days (and throughout), take time to look at the list and review it. You will see patterns emerge that will reflect in neon lights what your personal patterns are, how you spent your time, what you did, the actions you took, and the incentives you made to start or finish something. It will seem jarring at first, but will only continue to inspire you. You’ll feel a change happen within you that accomplishment, at any scale, changes the needle of our inner compass and always keeps us looking forward.

Some say, showing up is half the battle. Others say it’s 90%. You’ll determine this for yourself when you see how you accomplished 90 tasks, actions, or projects.   

Congratulations to you and all your accomplishments, today, tomorrow, and every day after. But keep in mind – you’re not finished! This is just the beginning of an exciting paradigm shift that will allow you to possess an unparalleled work ethic, sense of self worth, and hunger for creative empowerment. Now, start the next 90/90 today and then, then do it again, and then again. We are all a work in progress, and your time to work on something new and brighter begins now.

Good luck – I have all the faith in the world you will accomplish extraordinary things!

Dianne Devitt